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Our Unique Process


First we run a free consultation to dive into your marketing mix. If we find out in this phase we can help you, we will offer our services, if we aren't the right fit we will refer you to one of our expert partners. 


If you are the right fit for what we do, we begin the process of auditing your marketing to see where it can be improved and design a comprehensive strategy to get you dominating your competition.


Once we are sure that your strategy is solid, we launch together - monitoring your marketing and working with you until you get the growth results you are after! We relentlessly pursue your goals to completion.

The difference with Eddie and the TDMC team is that we help you adapt your marketing to what works rather than trying to sell you a platform or method. We won't change what is already working just to charge you. We build on the work you have already done to take you to the next level!

What You Get With TDMC Marketing

Consultation Process

Before you are even a client, we are working for you. We pride ourselves on honesty and will never sell you a product or platform that won't get you the result you are after. What's more, before you even sign on as a client you will know exactly how we will get results for you, no hidden tricks or gimmicks. We only use tried and tested methods and work with you until you get the results you deserve!

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Technical Know-How

Most marketing companies have one specialty they try and fit all clients into. It could be a platform, funnel or website template. We are different. Because of our unique partner network, we can coach you through the jungle of options and pick the best professionals to work on your business. We know the technical ins and outs and fundamentally understand marketing (and not just advertising), we can help you get the absolute best bang for your buck from the industry.

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Full Service Agency

We do it all! Either though our own agency or though our partner network, we have the skills that pay the bills and we want to share them with you! Whether you need... websites, social media, branding, copy, content, logos, coaching... the list goes on! We can help. And not only that! We can help you link your marketing strategy and sales funnels to your sales and customer service staff, working with and not against your workforce and their unique talents.

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"Because there are too many options, I always had trouble with nailing down our funnel. With TDMC advising us step-by-step, the exact formula for our funnels to really grow our business became clear, I learned better techniques attracting clients and how all that actually works including how the sales end links with my marketing, and it's improved our business' revenues and efficiency immensely."

Nicole Butler
Owner and Head Coach - Angelicare Education



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